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Nulam® uses cookies which enables us to help you in a better and more personal way. These cookies allow us and external parties to follow your internet behaviour. Furthermore, this enables us to show you personalised advertisements, a better functioning website and creates the opportunity for you to share information on social media. By continuing on our website, you will agree to these terms.Learn more

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Cookie Statement

Nulam® uses cookies. On this page we explain what cookies are, why they are being used, which cookies are being saved when visiting our website and how you can remove or close cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer when visiting a website. The information from these files are being used when you revisit a website. Prime examples of cookies are remembering your username, password or language preference. Cookies only register information by using your internet behaviour. Cookies will therefore never save personal information such as your name, address, sex and age.


Why are cookies being used?

Cookies are being used for three objectives:

1. To improve the usability of your website visit. For example, this includes remembering your login details, so that you won’t have submit this information repeatedly.

2. Registration of internet behaviour and personal interests of website visitors. This is being used to optimise the website and thus optimise the user experience. This information also enables us to show personalised advertisements to internet users, related to previous visited specific pages.

3. Finally, cookies are often being used by affiliate networks to determine through which affiliate or partner (a referring website; more information) an order has been realised. For this contribution, the affiliate or partner will be rewarded with a commission.


Cookie use on Nulam®

When you visit and use our website, cookies will be saved on behalf of the objectives mentioned above. You can find an overview of the different kinds of cookies below:

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. For example, this enables us to remember which products have been placed in your shopping basket. With session cookies we can temporarily store information of your session (website visit), such as completed form details. In addition, we use a cookie which remembers if the cookie notification has been closed, whereby you indicate to accept the cookies. We also remember the language in which the website is being used. 


Analytical cookies

With the help of Google Analytics we keep track of the visitor stream on our website. This enables us to trace bottlenecks and to remove them accordingly, as well as improving individual web pages. Moreover, information that is collected regarding preferences and personal interests is used for personalised advertisements on other websites. 


Google Analytics Remarketing: with Google Analytics we measure how you navigate on our website, so that we in turn can show you products and advertisements, on our own website and other websites, that might be relevant to you. 


Facebook: products that are being showed to you on our website are being saved. We then use this information to show relevant advertisements on Facebook. 


Removal and deactivation of cookies

Below you will find an overview of various browsers on how to deactivate or remove cookies. Please note: this could stop your browser from working correctly.


Netiquette for Product Reviews

We reserve the right to refuse publication of product reviews based on the following content:

  • Addresses or phone numbers,
  • Email addresses,
  • Blasphemy, swear words, rude or hurtful comments,
  • Links to other websites,
  • HTML-codes,
  • Comments about the items availability, price or alternative purchase possibilities,
  • Questions about an order,
  • Advertisements, solicitations or other commercial content,
  • Comments with insufficient grounds or questionable experience with the product,
  • Incoherent use of the English language


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