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How to switch from your current food to NULAM 

Because your current food is most likely an extruded product (if put in water it floats)and Nulam chunks a pressed product (in water it drops to the bottom), therefore we advise you strongly not to mix Nulam chunks with your current food. The difference between the pressed Nulam product and an extruded product is not only in composition but also in the overall digestion process. The extruded food sucks itself full in the stomach of the dog, floats, expands and falls apart. Nulam however, falls apart slowly and settles at the bottom of the stomach.

First method

This is the most safe and health-enhancing method, which we also advise if the dog often has loose stools or diarrhea. Loose stools is usually a sign that the intestinal flora is in need of a "maintenance" and needs to be rebuilt before Nulam shall be tolerated by the dog. When you finish your current dry food, you can start with giving the dog at least 5 days in succession just Nulam Fresh, Pure Tripe. You should give the "fresh meat" (after defrosting) at room temperature. Nulam Fresh should not be defrosted in the microwave because the microwave destroys all the good ingredients (including the much needed bacteria) of the fresh meat. After these 5 days "fresh meat" you can start giving Nulam to the dog. Then follow directions as described in our dietary-advice

Second method

This method we recommend for dogs that have problems with their digestion. When you finish your current dry food, you can start the first day giving the dog Nulam Fresh, Pure Tripe Complete. Defrost the "fresh meat" at room temperature and immerse it a short period in just boiled hot water. Let cool before giving it to the dog! Divide the "fresh meat" in several (at least 4) meals per day. The more small meals the dog gets to eat, the better the digestion and intestinal tolerance. The 2nd or 3rd day you should give the "fresh meat" spread over several meals a day. When the stools have been of good quality for several days you can start with mixing a little Nulam through the "fresh meat". Then you gradually replace more and more "fresh meat" with Nulam. The 7th day you replace half of the "fresh meat" for Nulam and on the 8th day you just provide Nulam to the dog.

If Nulam Fresh Pure Tripe Complete is hard to purchase in your area you can also change 25% of each meal (5 times a day) of Nulam with the double amount of raw unwashed tripe. You need to do this until the stools are at least 1 full week of good quality. Once the stools are good for a week you can start to reduce slowly the amount of tripe. However you need to keep adding raw unwashed tripe to the dry food on a regular basis in order to keep the intestinal flora in good condition. The ratio of Nulam Fresh vs. Nulam is about 2:1. So 200 grams of Nulam Fresh is approximately equal to 100 grams Nulam. This is a directive that applies only to Nulam Fresh Complete.


When you switch to Nulam and you are not satisfied with the stools of your dog, remember that this is an indication that the intestinal flora is not in the desirable condition. Simply put, it means more help to rebuild the intestinal flora is needed. Replace (at each meal) for a long time 20% of Nulam by Nulam Fresh Pure Tripe or give a week-long Nulam Fresh: Pure Nature Complete.

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