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Perfect Veterinary Diet

  • Adult dogs with normal to increased activity
  • Very suitable for dogs with hypersensitivity to grain and proteins.
  • Our quality promises:
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Our quality promise

We guarantee:

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    100% Natural
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    Made in the Netherlands
  • +
    Prepared from the best possible ingredients
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    Uitstekende smaak en tolerantie niveaus
  • +
    Vleesproducten afkomstig van dieren die geschikt zijn voor menselijke consumptie

Met trots kunnen wij zeggen dat wij het volgende niet gebruiken:

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    Géén kleurstoffen
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    Géén geurstoffen
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    Géén smaakstoffen
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    Géén bindmiddel
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    Géén varkensvlees
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    Géén conserveringsmiddelen
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    Géén dierlijke bijproducten

Product features

Nulam® Perfect Veterinary Diet is a food containing only hydrolysed animal proteins and is therefore extremely suitable for adult dogs with a food allergy. Hydrolyzed proteins are proteins cut into small fragments. Due to the reduction of proteins, they lose their allergenic properties and are therefore not recognized by the immune system of the dog. Which leads to a reduction in food allergy and improvement of your dog's skin and coat.

What is the source of proteins?

  • Feed protein source
  • Feed protein source

our ingredients

Grape seed flour

Hydrolyzed fish proteins

Hydrolyzed fish proteins are proteins that have been cut into small pieces, so that the immune system no longer recognizes them. This prevents an allergic reaction to these proteins.


Borage oil

Borage oil contains the highest gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) content, 21-24% of all vegetable oils available. In addition to fatty acids, it inhibits inflammation and is good for the heart and blood vessels





Probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids, a very important nutrient for the intestinal cells. A good condition of the intestinal cells is necessary to prevent all kinds of pathogens from entering the bloodstream through the intestinal wall



For flexible joints

Optimal combination of glucosamine and chondroitin lubricates the joints and ensures the production of new cartilage.


  • Without wheat and gluten containing grains


  • without soy


  • Without dairy products


Nutritional analysis


Rice, hydrolysed fish, potato protein, fish oil (salmon), dried beet pulp, animal fat (poultry, beef), minerals (potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, monocium phosphate), yeast, borage oil, hydrolysed chicken liver


Crude protein 23.0% Crude fat 13.5% Crude fiber 2.5% Crude ash 6.5% Calcium 0.5% Phosphorus 0.45% Moisture 9.0%  

Vitamins (per kg)

Vitamin A 14,000 IE Vitamin D3 1,400 IE Vitamin E 600 MG Iron (Iron Sulphate) 79.9 MG Iodine (Calcium Iodate) 1.2 MG Copper (Copper (II) Sulphate) 12.4 MG Manganese (Manganese (II) Oxide) 25.8 MG Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 124.4 MG
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Feeding schedule

Recommended amount of food per gram / day

* Adult weight


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