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PreparedFROM THE BESTIngredients


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Nulam® Trainers Lamb

  • For puppies and adult dogs of all breeds.
  • For puppies and adult dogs with sensitivity to grain and proteins such as beef or chicken.
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Our quality promise

We guarantee:

  • +
    100% Natural
  • +
    Made in The Netherlands
  • +
    Prepared from the best possible ingredients
  • +
    Excellent taste and tolerance levels
  • +
    Meat products derived from animals fit for human consumption

We are proud to say that we do not use the following:

  • -
    No dyes
  • -
    No fragrances
  • -
    No flavors
  • -
    No binder
  • -
    No pork
  • -
    No preservatives
  • -
    No animal by-product

Product Features

  • Nulam® Trainers are diced dried pieces of Dutch grown lamb meat. The pieces of lamb meat are 100% naturel and healthy grain free treats suitable for dogs with a chicken or beef allergy. Nulam® Trainers have an irresistible natural scent and taste and are easily digestible. Nulam® Trainers suit any dietary need. Ideal for puppy training. Perfect during exercise or simply as a delicious and healthy snack.
  • Content 250 G

Our ingredients


Dutch Lamb

Lamb contains a lot of nutrition, including protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B3 and selenium.


  • Zonder tarwe en gluten bevattende granen


  • zonder soja


  • Zonder zuivelproducten


Nutritional analysis


100% Lamb

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